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Remarkable Education Facilities

We understand that the learning environment can and does make a difference to student learning and achievement. We have created a learning environment that not only looks and feels good, but also actively supports students to achieve their best. From our stimulating, well-appointed and decorated classrooms to our extensive specialist facilities, every space is carefully designed to support and motivate teaching and learning.

Students at Mulgrave are fortunate to be able to experience and make use of a wide range of specialist performing arts spaces, including a resource-filled library/learning centre, performance theatre, four gymnasium spaces and fitness studio, a turf playing field, specialist art and design studios, a suite of well-equipped science laboratories, a modern film studio and comfortable dining room.

West Wing Extension

On June 29, 2017, we officially broke ground on the the next stage of the Mulgrave Campus Plan. The West Wing Extension will include a comprehensive remodeling and renovation of the existing school building and some exciting new building additions.

We will be incorporating our preschool into the main building and housing our youngest learners in custom-built classrooms. With a spacious Art and Design Studio and large modular classrooms for Middle School students, we are certain that everyone will find a space that inspires them. 

View the architectural renderings for a sneak peek into our future.