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Personalised, High Quality Teaching and Learning

There is no doubt that it is the quality of teaching and learning, paired with a school's programming that underpins students' success. At Mulgrave, we have a number of distinct approaches that address unique learning needs and enable personalisation in an effort to inspire each student to realise their potential. They include:

  • Small class sizes so teachers can get to know their students well and determine the best learning approach. Up to Grade 3, all classes have two fully certified teachers allowing for a simultaneous range of activities.
  • Our LEAP elective programme in the Middle School allows students to broaden their interests or dive deeper into an area of passion.
  • A wide range of co-curricular activities in the arts, athletics, outdoor education, and service and leadership.
  • A skilled team of Learning Strategists who support skill development in critical areas such as time management, organisation, reading effectiveness, study strategies, and self-advocacy.
  • Specialised, optional programmes such as our Centre for Young Entrepreneurs and Changemakers.
  • Significant investment in our teachers' skills and development so that they can learn from each other and from the best of practice worldwide.


In our experience, the best professional development is ongoing, experiential and collaborative. It must be derived from a desire to learn about how different children learn and how to best inspire them.John Wray, Mulgrave's Head of School