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Student Wellbeing and Outdoor Learning

Specific Innovation: This school year, we are finalising our 2021-2024 strategic plan; one area of emphasis relates to the increased use of Outdoor Education as a vehicle to foster student health and wellbeing. In advance of commencing the implementation of the strategic plan in the fall of 2021, we are looking to measure the impact of planned and intentional Outdoor Education excursions on students’ self perceptions of relationship skills.

Goal: By examining best practices, we seek to better understand the specific and measurable outcomes resulting from intentionally focussed programming on relationship and resilience building through outdoor education excursions. We are also making this assessment within the context of our current work to implement a school-wide approach to Positive Education, specifically investigating the impact of this area of focus on students’ perceptions of positive relationships.

Evaluation: We will use a randomised control study group with Middle School students. We will use pre and post-excursion self evaluation to measure the effectiveness of the intervention. We will use results of the project to guide further Outdoor Education developments.

Contact: Kelsey Pinch (