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Special Spaces and Facilities

  • Senior School Design: the entire senior school space was designed with input from students. As a result of this process, there are a number of learning-specific elements included in the space. Some examples include: student seminar rooms, learning hubs, classroom spaces which open up into larger lecture spaces. Our philosophy of improving transparency of learning has also been supported through maintaining visibility into all of the classrooms and seminar rooms.
  • Upper School Art and Design Studio: The open plan concept of this space was planned intentionally to encourage visibility of learning and to showcase student work to other students and members of our community. We have retained an industrial feel to the space in order to create an atmosphere of creativity which best supports learning in this particular space.
  • Study Pods: following our experiences with online learning which was required during the pandemic, we had a desire to retain spaces which could support students’ individual learning needs. Through acquiring and creating space for online learning pods, we have established unique spaces for students to connect online and work individually while collaborating with others. 
  • A state-of-the-art Athletics and Performing Arts Centre (completion in August) which includes a full size gym, dance studio, fitness centre, and performing arts space: this building has been designed and constructed to address strategic goals related to health and wellness. The spaces will accelerate our efforts in this key area and will ensure that staff and students have access to spaces, equipment and programmes which support well-being.