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Personalisation Through Online Learning

Innovation: Through a pilot project involving a variety of Upper School courses we are measuring the effectiveness of blended (a mix of some classes conducted in-person, and some classes taking place online) and hybrid (students have a choice of whether to be on campus in a class with the teacher or online) models of teaching and learning that enable students to have greater choice and independence in how they learn.

Goal: By introducing hybrid and blended learning options to Mulgrave’s Upper School courses we are seeking to understand how increased flexibility in when, where, and how students participate in learning leads to higher learning outcomes. The type of pedagogical approach (in-person, hybrid, or blended) will vary depending on the nature of the intended learning outcomes for any given topic, unit, or body of knowledge. We are assessing what courses, topics, and types of learning activity, using these models, lead to positive learning experiences and successful learning outcomes while offering students greater choice. 

Evaluation: We will compare the experience and learning outcomes of students engaging with the same content. One class/group will participate in online learning models (hybrid or blended) and control groups will participate in standard in-person learning. Qualitative and quantitative data will be collected through interviews with teachers and students, questionnaires, observations, interviews, and assessment data comparison.  

Contact: Dave Dallman (