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Curriculum Innovations

  • Focussing on the development of core life skills and competencies as a central part of the curriculum in Grades 7-12 especially through discrete character education courses.
    Contact: Alison Wall, Head of Lifeskills and Character Education (
  • Creating a cross-grade elective programme in Grades 7-9 to allow students to follow their interests and passions and improve student motivation and achievement. Modern and applied electives, such as coding and mountain biking allow students to explore and pursue individual interests outside of the IB programme.
    Contact: Melissa Moore, Principal of the Middle School (
  • Developed a start-of-school-year 3-day digital bootcamp for Grades 7-9 to develop students' digital literacy and citizenship skills.
    Contact: Melissa Moore, Principal of the Middle School
  • Developed a digital literacy and citizenship scope and sequence to track the introduction, reinforcement and measurement of digital fluency in our students.
    Contact: David Dallman, Director of Educational Technology (
  • Appointed a director of 21st century skills to oversee the overt development of crucial communication, social, self-management, research and thinking skills through the IB Approaches to Learning (ATL) framework and in line with the BC Ministry ‘Core Competencies’ framework.
    Contact: Michael Moore, Director of 21st Century Skills (
  • Developing the intercultural and global citizenship skills of our students by pursuing accreditation with the Council of International Schools.
    Contact: John Wray, Head of School (
  • Ensuring a rigorous focus on PK-G12 educational and curriculum planning through re-focussing key leadership roles.
    Contact: Lindsey Berns, Deputy Head of School (
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