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Innovations and Interesting Practice

Since the earliest days of Mulgrave’s young history, our school has been known for continually pushing the boundaries to ensure that its students have the highest possible quality of education. We are a school that avoids complacency, seeks continual improvement, looks to find and, in some cases, lead worldwide best practice in teaching and learning and other aspects of school operations.

The world is changing rapidly, and it is critical that a Mulgrave education continues to evolve and develop so that our students are fully prepared to lead happy, fulfilled and successful lives in the future, a future that is increasingly complex, competitive and international.

Mulgrave is increasingly adopting an evidence-based approach to our policy and practice. We are evaluating, filtering, and curating specific innovations and practices to ensure that the outcomes will meet the desired effect and align with existing school values. Click here for a list of resources which have helped us to define and shape our learning and teaching principles, and set our strategic priorities.

Below are some of the changes that Mulgrave has made and is making to the education for its students. Some of these changes are different or innovative in a Canadian context and some are perhaps more innovative on a global scale. As in any school, it is the unique combination of philosophy and practices that ultimately determine the quality of education and student achievement.

Personalisation Through Online Learning

In a pilot project involving a variety of Upper School courses we are measuring the effectiveness of blended and hybrid models of teaching and learning that enable students to have greater choice and independence in how they learn. 



Student Wellbeing and Outdoor Learning

This school year, we are finalising our 2021-2024 strategic plan; one area of emphasis relates to the increased use of Outdoor Education as a vehicle to foster student health and wellbeing. 



Student Wellbeing and Positive Psychology

With a focus on supporting wellbeing, we are working to embed tenets of Positive Education throughout the school. Positive Education is based on the science of Positive Psychology and maintains a strengths-based focus on supporting positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and achievement. 



Global Citizenship and Intercultural Skills

As part of a broader school-wide focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), we have been working to develop more intentional practices and learning opportunities connected to Global Citizenship. We have tackled this agenda on many fronts, including staff training, parent education sessions and student learning experiences.



Mulgrave's Centre for Innovation

In 2015, driven by our commitment to leading the way in transforming students’ learning and educational experiences, we launched an innovation incubator. Mulgrave's Centre for Innovation (CFI) cultivates and freely shares new practices that have a measurable positive effect on teaching and learning in the classroom and on school operations.

The Centre is built on a set of values that allow it to experiment and take risks in a way that Mulgrave School cannot. The Centre's priority is to build enduring practices by cultivating entrepreneurial restlessness and embedding innovation at the heart of all school activities. As such, the Centre aims to cultivate resilience more so than strength. Instead of resisting failure, it wants to yield and allow failure and then bounce back; and, while it upholds the school’s duty of care to the young people it teaches, it does not let that duty inhibit its thinking.

Sharing Our Practices

We are happy to share our practices and learnings with other schools. Please reach out to the contact listed if you see something that you'd like to know more about.