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Student Wellbeing

Our hope is that Mulgrave students understand and utilise their own character strengths to achieve their personal best in education and life. Students are actively supported in: 

  • managing their emotions and maintaining positive emotions

  • feeling and being positively engaged

  • having positive relationships

  • having a clear sense of meaning and purpose, 

  • being positive about their accomplishments

  • maintaining their physical health and wellness,

  • flourishing as they achieve their personal best in education and life. 

A philosophy of Positive Education is being embedded throughout the school with common language, values, and practices. Students are known as individuals and their individual strengths are acknowledged and appreciated.


Counselling Services

We have three full-time counsellors who provide both intervention and prevention services to students and support faculty with their classroom practice. The focus of school counselling is to enhance the wellbeing of students and to empower positive change.