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Student Wellbeing

Mulgrave’s approach to further enhancing student wellbeing is based on the work of Martin Seligman and the theories of Positive Psychology. We have adapted Seligman’s PERMA model and created the Mulgrave IPERMAH framework (expanded below) to develop a multipronged approach to address student wellbeing.

The dimensions of IPERMAH are learned and supported through:

  • the formal IB curriculum
  • our pastoral care and support systems
  • curriculum enrichment opportunities
  • our school's ethos and values

IPERMAH includes the following dimensions of social and emotional development and wellbeing:

  • Having comfort with my emerging identity, including:
    • Understanding my own identity, the privilege I have, and the challenges I face
    • Understanding the identity of others, the privileges they have, and the struggles they face

    • Having the Intercultural skills to connect with others
  • Having a clear sense of purpose, meaning and value in what I am doing
  • Having positive relationships
  • Managing my emotions and maintaining positive emotions
  • Feeling and being positively engaged
  • Being positive about my accomplishments
  • Maintaining my physical health and wellness

These components of social and emotional learning and wellness form a significant part of the IB Approaches to Learning Skills and underpin the development of many IB Learner Profile Characteristics.


Personal Counselling Services

We have three full-time counsellors who provide both intervention and prevention services to students and support faculty with their classroom practice. The focus of school counselling is to enhance the wellbeing of students and to empower positive change.