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Learning Centre

A place to come for supports and strategies

The Mulgrave Learning Center uses effective, evidence-based strategies to support students in achieving their personal best and becoming successful lifelong learners. Working collaboratively with students, their teachers, and families, our Learning Strategists provide personalised and intentional approaches that build upon each student’s unique strengths and capacities. Centered on the learner, our team supports skill development in critical areas such as time management, organisation, reading effectiveness, study strategies, and self-advocacy.


The department collaborates with our classroom teachers to implement methods and strategies designed to differentiate and support students’ education. These include: 

  • In class strategies and supports with a focus on explicit instruction, comprehension strategies, scaffolding, executive functioning skills, mnemonics and organisational strategies for learning

  • Working with intentional learning strategies specific to the unique needs of the learner

In partnership with families, teachers and the students, Learning Strategists work with students in many ways:

  • Small group lessons hone in on study skills and organisation, and 

  • Through personalised strategies, students gain a clear understanding of their particular learning needs, equipping them for life at Mulgrave, university, and beyond. 

By developing these strategies with intention, we collectively tap into each child’s potential.