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Inspiring Excellence in Education and Life

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Excellence in Education and Life

At Mulgrave, we are very proud of our students' outstanding achievements. For us, ‘excellence’ is the ‘continual pursuit of personal best’ and we are very proud of, and celebrate, the excellence of all students, whatever their strengths, talents and unique abilities.

Our students achieve excellence in all areas of school life - here we showcase just a few.

BEN ('05)

"I could never pick my wildest adventure. There are too many to choose from."

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Grant (Alumni Family)

"Every member of the Mulgrave community has played a role in the development of the school."

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Matthew ('16)

Matthew Durrans

"Do not make a decision about your future trying to keep ahold of things in the past. Do what you feel is right and let go."

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NADIM ('05)Nadim Roberts

"Every teacher I had at Mulgrave had some hand in guiding my learning and helping me navigate my interests - both academic and artistic."

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Alex ('10)

"I am extremely grateful for the overwhelming support Mulgrave had for my dance training."

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Sam ('06)

" To my core, I believe that the purpose of existing is to connect with people and the land."

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Jolee ('15)

Jolee Tung

"Everything we encounter as Mulgrave students is achievable, so don't let it be daunting. - You just have to take the first step. "

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Melanie Moller

"Mulgrave taught me to love learning. Thirst for knowledge is a central crux of the restaurant business."

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Melissa ('13)

" No one is born strong; you just have to decide you are strong."

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Matthew ('05)

" An international exchange introduced me to a different life outside of the classroom."

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ARYAN ('08)

Aryan Firouzbakht

" I discovered new passions through the wealth of experiences and opportunities made available at Mulgrave."

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Juliette Levine

"Being in Mulgrave's debate team was one of the main factors that resulted in my interest in public policy at Princeton.."

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