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Preparation for University & Life

The International Baccalaureate-based curriculum we provide at Mulgrave creates the opportunity to experience a rigerous, comprehensive, balances, and exceptionally rewarding education. We pride ourselves on offering our students the opportunity to be creative, critical, and independent thinkers. We believe that it is important to develop intercultural skills and a flexible mindset that will allow them to thrive in the changing world they will inhabit. It is, therefore, imperative to provide our students with a holistic education that merges academic achievement with the development of life skills attained through involvement in athletics, the arts, outdoor education, and service and leadership.

Click on our Preparation for University and Life document below for more detail on our Grade 10-12 programmes and support.

The Value of an IB Education with Stanford University’s Debra Von Bargen


Find Your Fit

What makes a university ‘the one’?

How do you choose where to apply and where to accept?

These are the questions many high school students grapple with as they make decisions about where to apply and which offer to accept. We asked our grads how they found their match. Their words emphasise the importance of looking past a ‘brand name’, of pushing aside pre-conceived ideas, and of understanding individual priorities.

Ultimately, its all about finding the right fit.


Class of 2022

IB Diploma Programme Results


University Acceptances

For a full list of Class of 2022 university acceptances, please click here.

Our university counsellors work with every student to help them find universities and programmes that suit them best. For more information about the process, please click here.