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A Solid Foundation for University Achievement


Our university counsellors work with every student to help them find universities and programmes that suit them best. For more information about the process, please click here

2021 University Acceptances

The value of an IB education with Stanford University’s Debra Von Bargen

Find Your Fit

What makes a university ‘the one’?

How do you choose where to apply and where to accept?

These are the questions many high school students grapple with as they make decisions about where to apply and which offer to accept. We asked our grads how they found their match. Their words will emphasise the importance of looking past a ‘brand name’, of pushing aside pre-conceived ideas, and of understanding individual priorities. Ultimately, its all about finding the right fit.


Alex Lee, 2013:
University of British Columbia

“As a commerce student, public speaking and presentations play a large role in my everyday academics. Having gone through years of public speaking practice from courses such as TOK and assignments like the IOP, Mulgrave laid a great foundation for university-level courses. Having extra credits in your first year is also a really nice bonus!”

Angie Joannou, 2015:
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

“Mulgrave graduates develop strong research, essay writing, time management, and analytical skills, which are essential for success at university. From being encouraged to challenge myself during my IB education, I found my confidence in public speaking, leadership abilities, and interpersonal skills to be more advanced than the average high school graduate.”

George Collister, 2012:
Queen’s University

“Mulgrave fostered an environment where I was encouraged to direct my own learning, which gave me a significant advantage through my time at university.”

Jolee Tung, 2015:
University College London

"Mulgrave’s Outdoor Ed programme helped me to develop a connection with the outdoors. Throughout my first year at university, I was faced with a lot of important decisions from choosing careers to switching universities, and ‘nature therapy’, as Ms McTavish calls it, helped me remain level-headed. I fell back on nature walks and running outdoors whenever I needed to gain perspective and look introspectively.”