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Why Mulgrave

Not a day goes by that we aren't asked by a visiting family "Why should we come to Mulgrave?" The truth is that we can't answer that question because the answer is different for everyone. What we can tell you is this: Come visit us to feel the magic of Mulgrave yourself.

Our academic programme is first-rate with a proven record of excellence, including high marks and IB diploma pass rates that put us on par with the top IB schools in the world. In addition, we offer a wide variety of enrichment opportunities, many of them embedded within our school day. Our students learn a second language (Mandarin, French or Spanish), have regular lessons in both the creative and performing arts, engage in daily physical activity, and are encouraged to serve their local and global communities.

As essential as all that is, at Mulgrave we pride ourselves on providing our community with much more. Our teachers are at the heart of our school, dedicating themselves to the care and development of each of their students. They stoke curiosity and guide our little ones as they grow into confident, capable and empathetic young adults.

Our physical environment is also something we take great pride in. Simply walk through the doors of our magnificent building; you'll find yourself inspired by the clean and bright energy that infuses the space. Then take a walk up our Gathering Stairs, and at the top, turn around to look out at the Pacific Ocean and the Tommy Hunt-designed totem pole that looks over our school. It is a view that takes our breath away on a daily basis.

Three paragraphs and we've only begun to scratch the surface of all that encompasses a Mulgrave education. Please visit the pages on the left to discover more but then be sure to pay us a visit. You'll be welcomed with open arms.



Our Admissions team is available to meet with you at any time. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. Please call to arrange an appointment at 604 922 3223 or contact