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Service & Leadership

Leadership and service are an integral part of a Mulgrave education.

Reflective of our values, teaching and learning in this area engage students in hands-on activities, thoughtful community projects both close to home and far afield, and creative planning to tackle real-world problems. Closely tied to global citizenship, service and leadership opportunities challenge students to consider other perspectives, develop humility and empathy, and nurture their sense of environmental and social responsibility.

While leadership and service activities often overlap, Mulgrave has distinctive programming that develops key skills in each area.

Thoughtful and Impactful Service

Service learning is an important part of the Mulgrave experience. It builds broader connections, expands students’ horizons, and deepens the values of humility and empathy. As a means to accomplish these goals, our students use the CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) programme which involves students in artistic pursuits, leadership, sports and community service work.

The goal of Mulgrave's CAS programme is to provide students with opportunities to contribute to, and draw upon, voluntary service experiences in school, our community and the world. As students fulfill their CAS portfolio requirement they participate in service as leaders who actively build community by connecting with others and who strive to become compassionate, altruistic global citizens.

Service and Leadership In Action

There are many service and leadership opportunities for Senior School Students. The following are just a few examples:


The Mulgrave Emergency Response Team Program (MERT) provides all first aid and emergency management at school. The team, selected by application, is comprised of Grade 11-12 students and teachers who form an on-call medical response team. MERT members participate in the Red Cross First Responder course culminating with a formal written and practical licensing exam.



For their local GEx week without walls, Grade 10 students partnered with A Better Life Foundation in the Downside East Side. They planned a meal - including the service, entertainment, and food preparation, and invited members of the community for a special dining experience. It was a wonderful evening with great food accompanied by student performances!


Student Board

Group photo of Mulgrave's Grade 12 Student Board

Our Senior Student Board is a leadership team that looks after the social and emotional well-being of their peers. It is a group comprised of Grade 12 students, some who have been at Mulgrave since Kindergarten and some who are newer to our community. 

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Student Centered Leadership 2024

Student-Centered Leadership

Our student leadership structure focuses on giving back to one’s community. The emphasis is on a leader’s role in empowering others and offering a voice to those who are underrepresented. Central to the learning is the development of key skills to enable ethical leadership.

In the Senior School, our Student Council inspires students to lead in areas where they have a passion or interest, to find leadership roles that suit their style, and encourages growth. The model recognises that leadership is not simply an innate quality or gift reserved for only the most ‘accomplished’. All people, all students, can be leaders. We seek to nurture this potential through a student-centred and student-led experiential model, guided through mentorship, education, experience, and reflection.

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