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Programme Overview

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Through the IB Diploma Programme (DP) and Enriched Pathway (EP) students are challenged while obtaining solid preparation for university and life.

We pride ourselves on offering our students the opportunity to be creative, critical, and independent thinkers. We believe that it is important to develop intercultural skills and a flexible mindset that will allow them to thrive in the changing world they will inhabit. It is, therefore, imperative to provide our students with a holistic education that merges academic achievement with the development of life skills attained through involvement in athletics, service and leadership, the arts, outdoor education, and global outreach.

Following completion of the Middle Years Programme in Grade 10, Mulgrave students have the choice of two pathways to graduation: the Enriched Pathway and the IB Diploma. Regardless, all students take IB courses throughout their time at Mulgrave, pursuing a globally minded, rigorous, and balanced education.

Academic Support

The Mulgrave Learning Centre uses effective, evidence-based strategies to support students in achieving their personal best and becoming successful lifelong learners. Working collaboratively with students, their teachers, and families, our Learning Strategists provide personalised and intentional approaches that build upon each student’s unique strengths and capacities. Centered on the learner, our team supports skill development in critical areas such as time management, organisation, reading effectiveness, study strategies, and self-advocacy.

IB Middle Year Programme


The IB Learner Profile and Approaches to Learning Skills

In an increasingly challenging and changing world, solid values and thoughtful skill development are crucial to enable our students to be successful, fulfilled, and happy in work and life.

The IB Learner Profile is a set of attributes that guide and inspire our students to be engaged and active participants in their learning and their communities.

Mulgrave's Approaches to Learning (AtL) skills are tied to the Learner Profile and embedded in our IB programmes at all levels, giving students key tools within the context of their classroom activities and project work. We believe so wholeheartedly in the power of AtL skills throughout education and beyond, that students' first report card of year focusses only on these skills. Our data shows us that typically, academic success follows.


explore the middle Years and diploma Programme ATL skills