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Find Your Fit 2023

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Finding the right fit for post-secondary study and adventures is a deeply personal experience for our graduates.

Through self-reflection and joint exploration with their university counsellor and loved ones, they are able to uncover the things that are most important. That might be a particular programme of study, extra-curricular passions, or personal connections that they hold dear.

Sometimes, the answers are obvious, and other times, it can take more effort to find what they are truly seeking. Regardless, each student has put a great deal of consideration into creating a future that is the perfect fit for them. Explore their stories below and discover the full list of 2023 university acceptances here.

Aman Dhillon

Bioengineering at Stanford University
Authentic | Eccentric | Caring

Inspired by a rather unfortunate event that led to his mother breaking her ankle, Aman knew early on he was interested in healthcare. When looking at universities, he considered multiple criteria but most importantly, he wanted to complete a minor in studio art alongside his bioengineering major while pursuing pre-med studies. Reflecting on his Mulgrave journey, he is thankful for an environment that gave him opportunities for interdisciplinary study and allowed him to find his interests. “Stanford University is my dream school and a perfect capstone to my Mulgrave experience.” 

Jason Liu

Communications Studies or Computer Science at Northwestern University
Confident | Persistent | Curious

Jason thrives in a team environment and was drawn to Northwestern for its academic structure of quarters in lieu of semesters as well as location. Being adjacent to a lake, he won’t have to give up his love of sailing while exploring his passions in communication studies or computer science. He gives kudos to Mr. Moore, his extended essay supervisor, for opening up new perspectives in math applications, and to his university counsellor for advising on which university offer is best suited for him. 

Louis Luo

Philosophy and Comparative Literature at Swarthmore College
Knowledgeable | Passionate | Humorous

Joining Mulgrave in Grade 10, Louis decided to take a chance on two humanities classes instead of registering for economics like his family may have preferred...and thank goodness he did! Taking philosophy with Mr. Sautin changed his trajectory. “What I love about it is that you rarely reach a conclusion! I was fortunate to have a teacher who nurtured my curiosity to keep asking questions. Without him, and without Mulgrave, I would have never known that this was my dream.” With his university counsellor, Louis discovered all that a liberal arts college has to offer. 

Sebastian Calderon

Gap Year 
Risk Taker | Empathetic | Athletic

Sebastian has been adamant about taking some time off after graduation to refresh and enjoy experiences in different parts of the world. Next year, he will take a gap year to work, learn, and travel between different continents. “I’ve chosen to do something unusual and outside my comfort zone. From farming in Australia for three months to making my way to China to strengthen my Mandarin, it’s bound to be an adventure!” He plans to return to Vancouver to study at UBC.

Cameron Moore

Commerce at the University of British Columbia
Passionate | Hopeful | Honest

When Cam began weighing university and programme choices, baseball was a big consideration. After all, he trains and plays nationally while also competing for Great Britain on their U18 team, and coaches youth camps and clinics with Baseball BC. Commerce will allow him to work with people while keeping doors open for other potential disciplines in the future. Overall, a good balance between academics and campus life was key in his search, and Cam looks forward to joining the Sauder School of Business at UBC and their baseball team in the fall. 

Quinn McKay

Gap Year | Marine Sciences at Orange Coast College and the University of Hawaii
Caring | Persistent | Curious

Quinn’s dedication as a volunteer educator for the Vancouver Aquarium recently paid off with acceptance into the Marine Mammal Rescue Programme, where he will continue to expand his knowledge and further explore his passions for the environment and marine biology. But first, Quinn will take a gap year in Costa Rica as he sets off on a unique path of learning and growth. “Taking a gap year, then pursuing an associate’s degree in California, and then switching to a different university in Hawaii is quite an alternative journey but it’s the one that makes the most sense for me and my goals.”

Programme Options
Our Senior students may choose to follow either the IB Diploma Programme or an Enriched Pathway to graduation. In the Enriched Pathway, they customise their programme with selected IB courses and BC Provincial courses in order to pursue their commitments to athletics, the arts, or other interests. These students benefit from the rigour of our IB programme and create a balance that allows them to manage demands on their time while excelling in other areas of their education.