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Environmental Sustainability

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Our commitment to environmental sustainability can unite individuals across our school to create a healthier place to learn and work.

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Each member of our community has a role to play in our collective effort to make our school more environmentally sustainable. By building a culture of sustainability we can positively shift our environmental behaviours, create lifelong habits, and develop a sense of responsibility that carries beyond our school.



Empowering and encouraging the Mulgrave community to become agents of change toward a more environmentally just and sustainable world.


Sustainability and environmental justice play a central role within all aspects of our school in line with our commitment to equip lifelong learners to thrive in a culturally diverse and interdependent world. Mulgrave students have a comprehensive age-appropriate understanding of the critical environmental issues facing our world, are empowered, and take positive action to face these issues locally and globally. As a school dedicated to leadership in environmental sustainability, we are committed to minimising our environmental footprint through progressive changes that enable us to be a net zero school by 2050.


At Mulgrave, we believe:

  • Environmental impact must be considered in all aspects of the school and school life

  • Our school strives to be a leader in implementing science-informed sustainability initiatives

  • Learning in, about, and for the environment is an essential part of the education of each and every student

  • Every community member should have an awareness of their environmental footprint and how they can use this to take positive action 

  • Education must include opportunities for our students to engage in further climate action and sustainability initiatives, both within the school and the wider community

  • Our environmental solutions must take into consideration the possible impact of social inequities locally and internationally

Mulgrave's environmental sustainability themes


Core Themes and Action Areas

To fulfil our values, we are focussing our actions, practices, and habits on developing a culture of sustainability. The following are our core themes and examples of related environmental sustainability actions:


Students in Costa Rica learning about sustainable farming

Transportation | Waste | Emissions

As we ramp up travel once again, we are cognisant of our carbon footprint and have set a goal to be net zero by 2050. An early action was to offer families the opportunity to offset emissions from regional and international GEx trips. We've partnered with Canada's Forest Trust in their School Smart Forest Programme.


Vegetable garden on school campus

Buildings & Facilities | Cafeteria | Outdoor Spaces

Led by our Senior School Environmental Sustainability Sub Council and supported by our faculty's desire for more garden space for student learning,we were delighted to install a greenhouse, vegetable and pollinator beds, and indigenous plant garden in spring 2023. These campus improvements were made possible by the generosity of Mulgrave families through our annual Momentum campaign.


Students pulling invasive species

Professional Development | Curriculum | Co-Curricular

Each Middle School advisory has the opportunity to engage in an off-campus service initiative with a local environmental organisation. Under the umbrella of our CAS programme, students participate in actions such as invasive species pulling with the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society, urban farming with the Edible Garden Project, and beach clean ups through the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up.


Mulgrave is a Platinum Level Ecoschool

Governance, Policy, Accountability | Transparency & Communication | Engagement | Growth & Direction

For the past three years, Mulgrave has been a Platinum EcoSchool, demonstrating progressively increasing environmental actions. As a Project 2050 EcoSchool participant, we also contributed to Canada's climate-resilient future with three significant actions in the past year. Additionally, through the Climate Action Accelerator Programme, we collaborate nationally with other independent schools that are taking bold climate action.

Mulgrave is a Platinum Level Ecoschool


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