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Strategic Plan

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Weaving Our Future - Common Threads

Our 2021-2024 school strategic plan encompasses a set of goals and actions that will provide us with a vision to lead Mulgrave through the coming years and further strengthen our position as a leader in international education. Building on our 2016-20 plan, we will continue to be student-centric as we strive for excellence.

The plan emerged after deep research and community consultation which not only examined best practices around the world, but also looked through a lens of what we collectively believe be important for our students and the greater good in the future.

The theme of weaving is an intentional metaphor that captures the interconnectedness and intricacies of our system as well as the beauty of individual expression and growth. We invite you to pull the threads of this metaphor and explore this plan and all that it holds. Through the priorities of personalisation, student health and wellbeing, and skills development, we will put additional, sustained emphasis on the aspects that strengthen our provision. Each students' tapestry of experiences and understanding will become more full and vibrant as a result.


An overview of Mulgrave's Strategic Plan


Student Health and Wellbeing


Skills Development 


In early October 2021, John Wray, Head of School, hosted two Open Door sessions with parents and family members. The following is a summary of some of the question and answer themes discussed during the virtual meetings.