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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

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Mission Statement

As an IB school committed to inspiring excellence - the continuous pursuit of personal best - in education and life with the goal of creating a better and more peaceful world, Mulgrave values and celebrates diverse individual identities in a community where we act with humility, empathy, commitment and inclusion.

We have an unwavering commitment to cultivate a sense of belonging and mobilise all community members to engage in the process of influencing change. With dedication, we work to create a safe, brave space for our students where they feel comfortable using their voice and agency to advocate for themselves and injustices in their local and global communities. 

We seek to make sure that the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice inform our everyday interactions and our whole community's approach to learning and interpersonal relationships. 

We work on the DEIJ agenda in three main areas:
Education of our students
Education of our faculty and staff
Engagement and support of our families

Because we understand the DEIJ journey is an ongoing, evolving process, we recognise the importance of embedding best practices into the core of our community to support sustainability and continual growth. Practices of current focus include:

  • DEIJ Strategic and Advisory Councils 

  • DEIJ Student Sub-Council 

  • Climate survey for staff

  • Listening Circles for students and staff

  • Anti-bias/Anti-racism Course for all faculty and staff

  • Consistent professional development for faculty and staff

  • DEIJ education and training as needed per division and/or content area

  • DEIJ-focused curriculum audits in collaboration with the Director of DEI

  • Indigenous education integration

  • Compulsory Global Citizenship Course for Grade 10

  • Mother tongue amplification and integration

  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI), as age appropriate

Director of DEI 

DEIJ at the best private school in Canada

Cynthia Roberson (she/her)

604 922 3223 ext. 3270

Interested in connecting with Cynthia? Here's a description of her role.

Learn more about Cynthia in Cypress Magazine

Student Voices

Sara S, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women

Kennedy K, Choice Feminism

Kennedy K, White Feminism

Leya C, Toxic Body Positivity

Mikaela N, Obsession with oppression

Ellie G-B, The Truth about Feminism

 Bronson L, The Harm of Stereotypes

Kennedy K, Rainbow Capitalism

Sara S, Inequity in Policing - Wellness Checks

Ellie G-B, Casual Misogyny


Cypress Magazine 2022-23: Dedicated to DEIJ

Our most recent annual magazine is dedicated completely to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. In the publication, we share our mission and dive into some of the activities and learnings we've undertaken as a community.
We invite you to dig into the magazine for content from faculty, students, alumni, and parents. The articles cover a wide range of topics including our strategic focus, student leadership, community and hiring statistics, celebrations, and overall progress.

read more about DEIJ at mulgrave in our 2023 cypress magazine


Mulgrave School is committed to removing and preventing barriers and to promoting inclusion for individuals with disabilities in our school community.
Our three-year action plan (established in 2023) is based on the Accessibility Principles of Adaptability, Collaboration, Diversity, Inclusion, Self-Determination, and Universal Design, as set out in the Accessible B.C. Act. Updates will be provided annually.
To provide comments or feedback, please contact our Accessibility Committee at