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Mulgrave's 1266 alumni are spread around the world, where they continue to 'inspire excellence in education and life'. 

Our graduates are incredibly diverse in their areas of study, strengths, passions, and pursuits and with their Mulgrave education as their foundation, they are able to find their fit in the post secondary world and beyond. Explore some of our most recent graduates' pathways here.

Our students graduate from our campus, not from our community and alumni bonds remain strong - once a Mulgravian, always a Mulgravian! Connections are created and strengthened through events, connections with current students, and by serving as a volunteer, acting as a career and network advisor, or being an ambassador for the school.  

Read alumni stories in Cypress magazine.

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For Our Alumni

If you are thinking of visiting Mulgrave to reconnect with former teachers, current students, or volunteer, please fill out this form. If you already visited and would like to share feedback, please feel free to fill out this form.
We encourage alumni to connect with one another at events and through our alumni social networking platforms:
  • Join Mulgrave Connect to stay in the loop on alumni happenings and events and to get our monthly email Digest
  • Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @mulgravealum
  • Reach out to your Class Rep
  • Get to know the Alumni Board

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