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Mulgrave, the International School of Vancouver, is a gender-inclusive, secular (non-religious), International Baccalaureate (IB) World School predominantly serving the North Shore of Vancouver.

We are a non-profit, independent day school with a strong reputation for providing broad, holistic education for students in preschool to Grade 12. 
Growing up, establishing a unique identity and learning at Mulgrave School are very special experiences indeed. Whether a student joins us at 3 or 16 years of age, we are committed to providing an outstanding and personalised education that prepares young people to make the very best of the opportunities and challenges in your future lives.
Good learning and an excellent, well-rounded education are not only about  acquiring the best possible skills and academic qualifications, but also about developing personal qualities, enjoying school, and following interests and passions in a range of other activities, such as athletics, the arts, outdoor education, community service and much more. We aim to inspire and challenge students to fulfil their potential in a variety of contexts.
Perhaps one of the most special things about our school is our community. We have curious learners, dedicated faculty and staff, thoughtful leaders, inspirational alumni, and committed families. Our approach is one of partnership and we delight in the deep connections that are developed within our community.
As you get to know our school, we invite you to explore our website and come for a visit to see the 'Mulgrave magic' in action.

A Symbol of Generosity

We take pride in our multicultural identity and in our community’s tightly-knit bonds, so it is fitting that the totem pole that soars at the front of the school includes crest figures from family lineages across First Nations. Totem poles, or lineage poles as they are also known, are monuments created by First Nations of the Pacific Northwest to document and commemorate histories, events, and ancestors within a family or community.

Mulgrave’s majestic totem pole, donated by a generous alumni family, tells a story through multiple crest figures of families coming together as one over generations. From frogs symbolising luck, prosperity and stability to the intelligent eagle that symbolises power, peace, status and friendship, the cultural mythology of the Northwest Coast is represented by the various crest figures incorporated into this stunning piece of art.

Tom Hunt, the son of Hereditary Chief George Hunt and Mary Hunt, is a member of the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation and the artist responsible for our totem pole. In collaboration with Sean Frank, who assisted him with the project, he included crest figures with lineage extending from his Kwakwaka’wakw Nation into the Squamish Nation.