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Laura Walsh

Director of Advancement

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Mulgrave Independent School

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Campaign FAQ

What will be different?

The campaign will create both new and transformed physical spaces, designed around our strategic educational priorities of making a Mulgrave education more personalised, enriched, applied, extended and international.

Outstanding teachers are at the heart of Mulgrave’s reputation for excellence and the ability to attract, develop and retain the highest quality teaching staff is essential. Leading-edge, well equipped learning spaces play a vital role in this and in helping our teachers perform at the highest level.

Read more in our Case for Support booklet

What’s the Urgency?

Transformative education should not have to wait.

Achieving the best-possible education for Mulgrave students cannot wait in this fast-changing world. As a visionary, forward-thinking school, Mulgrave’s top priority is ensuring the transformative quality of education, in the best possible facilities, for all students, across all divisions. The earlier we provide the best possible facilities, the more students will benefit.

How much money needs to be fundraised?

Our most urgent goal and first priority is to raise $12 Million for the West Wing project. With your support, we will:

  • Build a new Early Learning Centre, connected to the main school building
  • Create a purpose-built middle school
  • Transform the Junior School to create dedicated floors and specialist spaces for both K-G3 and G4-G6.
  • Construct a new Art & Design Centre for upper school students
  • Update and expand the upper school science wing


See Transforming Our Education and Transforming Our Spaces to learn more.



What is the timeline?

With your generous support we are confident MPower’s ambitious timeline is achievable:

  • Summer 2017 West Wing ground breaking and beginning of construction
  • December 2018 West Wing construction complete
  • January 2019 New facilities open
  • Summer 2019 Junior school renovations complete

Are we increasing the number of students at the school?

The additional facilities are not to accommodate additional students; they will provide specialized spaces and a transformed learning environment. Mulgrave School is committed to maintaining its current size and tight-knit community; Mulgrave will remain a three-class per grade school.

Why should I support the MPower campaign?

Together we have an opportunity to transform both the education our children receive – and their future university, career and life paths. Tuition only covers basic operating costs. Just like with all innovative education, arts or healthcare organizations, it is only the generosity of donors that enables ambitious transformative changes.

Mulgrave was founded and grew because of the generosity of families who believed in its future. MPower is an opportunity for you to build on this foundation of generosity and faith in a better future, and make your contribution to benefit students today and generations of children to come.

Thank you for your support!

How can I give?

Thank you for considering a gift to our MPower campaign. 

Gifts can be made through:

  • Cash/Cheque
  • Family Deposit Donation
  • Corporate/Business Contributions
  • Securities
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bequests/Legacy Gifts
  • Online

Please contact our Advancement team to discuss your philanthropic goals.