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Service & Leadership

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Leadership and service are an integral part of a Mulgrave education.

Reflective of our values, teaching and learning in this area engage students in hands-on activities, thoughtful community projects both close to home and far afield, and creative planning to tackle real-world problems. Closely tied to global citizenship, service and leadership opportunities challenge students to consider other perspectives, develop humility and empathy, and nurture their sense of environmental and social responsibility.

While leadership and service activities often overlap, Mulgrave has distinctive programming that develops key skills in each area.

Thoughtful and Impactful Service

Service learning is an important part of the Mulgrave experience. It builds broader connections, expands students’ horizons, and deepens the values of humility and empathy. As a means to accomplish these goals, our students use the CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) programme which involves students in artistic pursuits, leadership, sports and community service work.

The goal of Mulgrave's CAS programme is to provide students with opportunities to contribute to, and draw upon, voluntary service experiences in school, our community and the world. As students fulfill their CAS portfolio requirement they participate in service as leaders who actively build community by connecting with others and who strive to become compassionate, altruistic global citizens.

Leadership Opportunities

There are many opportunities to develop and exercise leadership skills in the Middle School through collaborative group work, team sports, and creative pursuits. A few co-curricular options include: