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Outdoor Education

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Mulgrave offers a vibrant Outdoor Education Programme that engages students in experiential learning opportunities that make links between outdoor education and their classroom learning experiences. 

We believe our students should have:

  • Opportunities to develop an individual connection with nature
  • Opportunities to develop an individual connection with their peers and with their teachers inside and outside of the classroom
  • Outdoor experiences that are authentically connected to the areas of Academics, Athletics, the Arts, and Citizenship
  • Classroom learning experiences that are enhanced by direct curriculum links to 'real life' outdoor experiences
  • The choice to further their involvement in Outdoor Education beyond grade-wide experiences
  • Outdoor skills that are taught in a sequential manner so students gain a well-rounded skill set that allows them to continue to pursue outdoor opportunities as part of their personal life

Fall Camp

As part of the MYP programme, Grade 6-9 fall camps challenge all Middle School students to go camp in a variety of locations around Southern British Columbia. Each grade builds on the previous experiences, allowing for a comprehensive outdoor skills continuum. Camps are also a wonderful opportunity for students to bond at the beginning of the school year and to get to know their peers and teachers in a fun and unique environment.

Grade 6 students spend three days and two nights at our Squamish Outdoor Leadership and Education (SOLE) Centre, focussing on team-building and a joyful welcome to the Middle School

Grade 7 students attend a three day, two night camp as an entire grade at the Cheakamus Centre for team-building, farming, and Indigenous education

Grade 8 and 9 students have the option to choose between six different skill based-activities. All students will explore nature and build their leadership, and self-management skills. Activities offered are:

  • Ocean kayaking

  • Lake-water canoeing

  • Backpacking

  • Rock-climbing

  • Mountain biking

  • Farming

Snow School

A full-day opportunity for all Middle School students to progress through a variety of winter sports, building skills and having fun with activities that are well-suited to the nature of the West Coast.

Grade 6 - snowshoeing, tobogganing, Indigenous learning

Grade 7 - cross country skiing (classic)

Grade 8 - cross country skiiling (classic or skate)

Grade 9 - biathalon

LEAP Electives

Summit LEAP Electives allow students to explore the outdoors and build skills, during the school day. As students progress, trips become longer in duration. Students are not required to take the previous grade's programme as a prerequisite.

Summit LEAP Elective - Grade 6 (September -January)
Summit LEAP Elective - Grade 7 (January-June)

The Grade 6 and 7 Summit electives gives students the opportunity to try a wide variety of outdoor activities including hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and rock climbing. These activities all take place around the Lower Mainland, taking advantage of the local environment and the school’s proximity to world class outdoor areas.

In Grade 7, Summit culminates in a one night, two day expedition at the end of the school year to celebrate the end of our elective.

Summit LEAP Elective - Grade 8 (full year)

The Grade 8 Summit elective takes students further afield and gives them opportunities to develop outdoor leadership and skills. Participants experience many of the same activities as in the Grade 6 and 7 Summit programme, but at a higher level, and also begin to take full day trips. Experience with planning trips is developed as students prepare for their year-end, multi-day adventure. A downhill skiing/snowboarding experience is a highlight of Grade 8 Summit.

Summit LEAP Elective - Grade 9 (full year)

The Grade 9 Summit elective is the culmination of the programme, with students taking on multiple multi-day trips. They are responsible for a majority of the planning and execution of their expeditions. Students also continue their development of downhill skiing/snowboarding. They can also complete their Duke of Ed Bronze Award through the Summit programme.


Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a world-wide award programme that offers three award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The four fundamental requirements at each level are: Community Service, Physical Activity, Skill Building and an Adventurous Journey. In Grade 9, students work on their Bronze award as an option. The Adventurous Journey is organised by students, as a group. These annual expeditions are chosen, planned and executed by students with guidance from our Outdoor Education team.