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Service & Leadership

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Leadership and service are an integral part of a Mulgrave education.

Reflective of our values, teaching and learning in this area engage students in hands-on activities, thoughtful community projects both close to home and far afield, and creative planning to tackle real-world problems. Closely tied to global citizenship, service and leadership opportunities challenge students to consider other perspectives, develop humility and empathy, and nurture their sense of environmental and social responsibility.

While leadership and service activities often overlap, Mulgrave has distinctive programming that develops key skills in each area.

Service Learning

Service is embedded into the PYP programme of inquiry. As students explore their units of inquiry, they circle back to ways to action their learning. For example, as students learn about sustainability, they will engage in beach clean ups and recycling actions. This methodology culminates in Grade 5 with the PYP Exhibition. Not only is the exhibition project a great way for students to plan, develop, and present a significant piece of research and thinking, but students are required to make their project actionable.

In addition, our Junior School community participates in initiatives to support local non-profits such as collecting mittens in the winter and organising food and book drives.


Mulgrave has a student leadership structure that focuses on giving back to one’s community. The emphasis is on a leader’s role in empowering others and offering a voice to those who are underrepresented. Central to the learning is the development of key skills to enable ethical leadership. The model recognises that leadership is not simply an innate quality or gift reserved for only the most ‘accomplished’. All people, all students can be leaders. Our programme seeks to nurture this potential through a student-centred and student-led experiential model, guided through mentorship, education, experience, and reflection.

Junior School Leadership Programmes

  • Grade 3 Mini Leaders
  • Grade 5 Leadership: All students in Grade 5 are invited and encouraged to work with a team of peers to support school and divisional goals through various events and planning.