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Global Citizenship

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Mulgrave’s Global Citizenship education empowers our community to build empathy, make connections and take action for a better world for all.

Reflective of ours school's vision and values, our responsibility to embrace the diversity of the human experience will be fulfilled through our commitment to:
  • diversity, equity and inclusion
  • sustainability
  • cultural competence 
  • Indigenous knowledge systems
  • social justice
To become Global Citizens, and ‘thrive in a culturally diverse and interdependent world’ we believe students should have:
  • an understanding of their own (emerging) identity and the privileges and challenges they have;

  • an understanding of  the identity of others and the privileges and struggles they face (issues of prejudice, discrimination, racism);

  • and the intercultural skills to connect with others.

Understanding one’s own identity is a central part of wellbeing.

In the Junior School, global citizenship learning primarily takes place through our units of inquiry, such as Who We Are, which focusses on inclusivity by learning about family compositions, cultural background, and mother tongue languages.

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Multicultural Gatherings

Mulgrave's sense of community and friendship is founded on empathy, inclusion, and humility. Our values are rooted in a global perspective and a commitment to social responsibility.

Through events like Norouz/Navroz and Lunar New Year celebrations, as well as exhibits and performances focussed on art and music from around the world, our community comes together throughout the year to celebrate and participate in deeper learning about culture.

As a result, we strengthen our ties to each other and find opportunities to support our neighbours around the globe while providing our students with experiences that develop their world views and contribute to a deeper cultural understanding.