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PYP at Mulgrave

The Primary Years Programme at Mulgrave School (PK to Grade 5) allows students to participate in six in-depth, transdisciplinary units of inquiry throughout the year. Each of these units:

  • provides opportunities for significant, relevant and challenging learning experiences
  • builds on the prior knowledge of the students
  • involves students in a range of learning activities
  • requires students to engage in positive action
  • integrates diverse subject areas whenever meaningful and appropriate

The classroom becomes a centre for structured inquiry, through which students acquire and practise skills, develop conceptual understandings, and build their knowledge base. Students also develop learning attitudes that aim to nurture their curiosity, develop a life long love of learning and a desire to respond actively and responsibly toward what is being learned.

These units are outlined in our school-wide Programme of Inquiry (POI) and are carefully designed to build concepts, knowledge and skills from one year to the next, as a student progresses through the school. The six units are themed: who we are, where we are in place and time, how we express ourselves, how the world works, how we organise ourselves, and sharing the planet.  


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