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PYP at Mulgrave

The Primary Years Programme at Mulgrave School allows students to participate in six in-depth, transdisciplinary units of inquiry throughout the year. Each of these units:

  • provides opportunities for significant, relevant and challenging learning experiences
  • builds on the prior knowledge of the students
  • involves students in a range of learning activities
  • requires students to engage in positive action
  • integrates diverse subject areas whenever meaningful and appropriate

The classroom becomes a centre for structured inquiry, through which students acquire and practise skills, develop conceptual understandings, and build their knowledge base. Students also develop learning attitudes that aim to nurture their curiosity, develop a life long love of learning and a desire to respond actively and responsibly toward what is being learned.

These units are outlined in our school-wide Programme of Inquiry (POI) and are carefully designed to build concepts, knowledge and skills from one year to the next, as a student progresses through the school.

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What are the advantages of an IB education?

  • IB World Schools (the only schools authorised to offer IB programmes) are subject to a strict accreditation process monitored by the IB, ensuring that schools provide a high-quality education.
  • IB teaching methods and curriculums are research- based and draw from the best educational practices from systems around the world.
  • IB teachers are required to participate in many professional development opportunities to promote their awareness of current educational practices and new thinking.
  • IB students develop a sense of the world around them and their responsibility to it.

Do IB teachers receive special training?

All PYP teachers receive professional development in IB’s approaches to teaching and approaches to learning by certified IB workshop leaders. This is a requirement of IB World Schools implementing the PYP.

Does implementing an IB programme mean my child’s school will not teach provincial standards?

The IB is committed to making sure that students in IB programmes meet and exceed provincial standards. With the implementation of an IB programme, schools are required to examine their curriculum carefully to ensure that there is alignment with local, state or national standards.

Have studies been done on the impact of the PYP?

The IB places great value on external validation of its programmes, curriculums and professional development. A recent Global International Schools’ Assessment study found that PYP students outperformed non-IB students in mathematics, reading and writing. Additional studies on programme impact, quality assurance, programme development and assessment research are available here.