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Inspired Teaching

Our teachers inspire excellence by providing an environment that...

  • nurtures positive, supportive relationships that allow every individual to feel safe and develop as a self-confident, self-motivated and increasingly independent learner.
  • develops a culture of learning.
  • is highly motivating and unlocks a passion for learning through metacognitive exploration, critical inquiry, problem-solving and increasing self-direction.
  • recognises that every individual is unique and allows for personalisation, and differentiation, of learning.
  • encourages collaboration, communication and co-construction.
  • provides for high-quality diagnostic feedback on learning.

Additional Learning Needs

From time to time, students may require some additional support, specifically for their learning. Mulgrave is not resourced to manage very high levels of additional learning needs; however, in both the Junior and Upper School, we count with a small learning support team that will work with students, parents and teachers to ensure that learning is adapted to meet specific identified needs.

We know that teaching quality impacts a student's success so at Mulgrave, we recruit and retain highly qualified teachers, many with master's degrees and other post-graduate certifications. Our faculty are passionate about their professions and the school. Find out why our teachers love working at Mulgrave.

To foster a culture of inspired teaching, Mulgrave prioritises:

Teacher Support

Associate Teachers support teachers in a variety of roles. There is one Associate Teacher assigned to every class from Grade K-3 and one assigned to every Grade from G4-6. In the Upper School, Associate Teachers play an important role in augmenting our provision in Performing Arts and Athletics, for example. In some ares of school life, we engage additional specialist support staff to assist teachers and students - some examples include a laboratory technician in Science and an art technician in the Art and Design Studios. All our Associate Teachers are trained and qualified teachers, many just starting their careers.

Collaborative Planning

A key strategy to ensure excellence in teaching comes from prioritising collaborative planning. By giving teachers time to plan together and share teaching strategies, we support our faculty's professional growth and enhance student learning. At Mulgrave, collaborative planning takes place twice a week - Tuesdays, 8:00-9:00am and Fridays, 2:00-3:30pm.


Our aim is to have the best teachers and also, wherever possible, a good balance of young professional and experienced teachers, all of whom have rich life experiences.

Personal Development

We invest heavily in our teachers' professional development and training to ensure that they keep at the cutting edge of practice. All teachers undergo an annual review and development process so that school leaders can support them in their continued growth.


The teachers at Mulgrave put high value in making sure that the students not only succeed in the challenging IB courses but also ensure that their students have a body of knowledge that applies to the real world.Anniqa K. Bishr A.