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Inspired Teaching

Our teachers inspire excellence by providing an environment that...

  • nurtures positive, supportive relationships that allow every individual to feel safe and develop as a self-confident, self-motivated and increasingly independent learner.
  • develops a culture of learning.
  • is highly motivating and unlocks a passion for learning through metacognitive exploration, critical inquiry, problem-solving and increasing self-direction.
  • recognises that every individual is unique and allows for personalisation, and differentiation, of learning.
  • encourages collaboration, communication and co-construction.
  • provides for high-quality diagnostic feedback on learning.

We know that teaching quality impacts a student's success so at Mulgrave, we recruit and retain highly qualified teachers, many with master's degrees and other post-graduate certifications. Our faculty are passionate about their professions and the school. Find out why our teachers love working at Mulgrave.

To foster a culture of inspired teaching, Mulgrave prioritises:


The teachers at Mulgrave put high value in making sure that the students not only succeed in the challenging IB courses but also ensure that their students have a body of knowledge that applies to the real world.Anniqa K & Bishr A