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Senior School Notes


We look forward to seeing all our Senior School families tonight at 5:00pm! Please ensure that you know the names of your child's teachers. Teacher presentations will begin at 5:00pm sharp and the evening will end with a social from 7:30 to 8:30pm. 


We would like to remind all our families that students should either bring food from home or purchase it from the school cafeteria. Food orders from third party providers (including bubble tea, pizza, etc) are not allowed. Thank you for your understanding.


Following a productive first session of Senior School MVP Parent Reps and Senior School Leaders, we wanted to thank all our Parent Reps for their invaluable contributions to the life of the Senior School. In the next edition of Connexions, we will post a link to the minutes from our SS MVP Parent Rep meetings. 

This year's Parent Reps are:

Ellen D'Atri - Senior School Rep Coordinator


  • Eleana Ilkay
  • Zenitta Kassim-Lakha 
  • Claudia van der Vorm
  • Naomi Yang
  • Annie Zhang


  • Maria Har
  • Wendy Mitchell
  • Payam Razavi
  • Helen Yang


  • Yvonne Cheah
  • Sashah Damji
  • Tanvi Vithlani
  • Grace Xian

Please connect with your Grade Reps to raise potential agenda items for our next meeting in October. We really want to hear from all of you so please make your voice heard! Thank you.


As part of our Senior School focus on developing a culture of study that supports greater independent learning and enhances a student's capacity to manage deadlines and plan forward, all our faculty are offering help and extension sessions in addition to the teaching and learning that takes place during class time. Please have a look at the Faculty Help Sessions link. Sometimes students will make use of these help sessions themselves as a means to maximise success for a particular assessment whereas alternatively a teacher may require a student to attend to catch up if they are behind.

For your information, there is also another level of support offered called the Principal's Academic Support Session (PASS). If a teacher or the DP Coordinator feels a student has not taken advantage of requested attendance for the subject sessions offered and is in danger of jeopardising their expected achievement because of lack of effort or attendance, they might be requested to attend PASS on a Monday or Wednesday after school from 3:45-5:00pm. We would all hope that through the development of their self management skills with the assistance of the Faculty Help Sessions listed above there would not be the need to be placed in PASS. Nevertheless this safety net exists as a way to further assist our students. 


Sign up begins Monday, September 30th at 2:00pm

On Wednesday, October 9th, parents will have the opportunity to meet with their child's Advisor to discuss their son or daughter's goals for the school year. In many cases, this discussion will build on goals set with their Advisor last year and reflect on how those goals might change from year to year. In other cases, it will provide an opportunity to establish new goals. It is important that both the parent and the student attend the Goal Setting Conference so that there is common alignment and support for each student's goals.

Parents are directed to sign up for appointments through the Teacher Conferences section of the Parent Portal. The Parent Portal will be open for sign up at 2:00pm on September 30th. Please remember that as a parent, you are signing up for a single appointment with your child's Advisor and that these are not conferences with subject-specific teachers.

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact Julie DeCooman, Senior School Administrative Coordinator. We very much look forward to seeing you on October 9th!




A reminder that grades and teacher feedback, as well as our students’ reflections on these, are always available to parents in live time on SEQTA. Please contact Carla Donnelly if you are unable to log into the platform or access your child’s feedback. We hope that the information on SEQTA will be used by our families as the starting point of conversations about personal best, balance and ambition. SEQTA is also used for goal setting and to record one to one conversations between students and advisors. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Senior School’s leadership team (Chiara Tabet, Heather Nolan Wood, Kathryn Clark) should you wish to receive any clarification about any of the information available on SEQTA.

TEDx Youth Conference to Feature 8th Graders: October 5th

Mona X and Karina E, G10 will be a speakers at an upcoming TEDx Youth Conference at Mulgrave School on October 5th

Mona has participated in a myriad of debate and public speaking tournaments over the past two years, winning several awards and gaining new, valuable experiences in Canada and other international countries. Her presentation will share her passion and drive to follow her dreams, in spite of the inevitable difficulties and opposition she will face as she challenges herself in a variety of familiar and unfamiliar environments. However, she seeks to inspire youth like her to do the same, and to see conflict as an opportunity rather than an obstacle - something that will either cement your ideals or change your perspectives, both of which give the necessary experience to go even further and even higher.

Watch for more on Karina in next week's Connexions!

Mona and Karina will join other Mulgrave student speakers and some inspiring keynotes at the event, which has been organised by Grade 12 students Michael S and David C. Their goal is to inspire and empower our local youth community by demonstrating what is possible through social entrepreneurship and our cumulative impact: it's the next wave of change.

Details and tickets are available at


We look forward to welcoming our new Senior School parents on Thursday, September 26th at 6:30 PM for a friendly and informal reception. See you then!

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