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Senior School

Equipping Lifelong Learners to Thrive

As students move into the Senior School, we strive to grow creative, critical and independent thinkers with the flexibility of thought best suited to the changing world that they will inhabit, and change for the better, as young adults. Thus, in addition to our energetic focus on academic attainment and very successful university placement, our education is equally attentive to the development of the whole person beyond the institutional worlds of school, university, and work. Active engagement in local service, global outreach, outdoor education, sport, and artistic performance is vital in this endeavor, so the Senior School focuses on giving students the life skills necessary to manage these competing commitments on their time. Our integration of the IB Approaches to Learning and 21st century skills ensure our students grow both as individuals and as responsible global citizens within an educational context that is highly relevant, flexible and enjoyable.

We encourage you to visit us at any time to experience for yourselves the wonderfully positive energy of the Senior School. Our facility is open and inviting, showcasing our specialised programmes, collaborative environment and close-knit community. Please join us at one of our Open House events or call to schedule a personal tour.

Highlights of the Senior School Programme:

  • A strong advisory programme that supports students' academic and social-emotional growth.
  • A networked university and career counselling department that is authentically integrated with the students' curricular and co-curricular experiences. This ensures students are not only admitted to universities that best suit them, but also that they leave Mulgrave with the skills and confidence to thrive once they get there.
  • A palpable 'culture of study' supported by a state-of-the-art facility with open spaces, flexible classrooms and breakout study pods.
  • A collaborative, positive atmosphere that encourages each student to reach their personal best while working with others and enjoying their learning.
  • Provincially-ranked athletic teams in a wide-ranging variety of sports, an internationally-recognised arts programme and a divison-wide music curriculum anchor a well-rounded secondary education.

Senior School Leadership

Chiara Tabet, Principal

Jack McKillop, Vice Principal

Aziz Batada, Vice Principal & DP Coordinator

Senior School Office
Kim Li


Our Senior School is a positive, collaborative and ambitious community that strives to foster both intrinsic motivation and responsible citizenship. Excellence in life can only truly be achieved by building resilience, self-awareness, and the ambition, both personal and academic, to always strive for one’s personal best. Our students’ ability to welcome challenges as opportunities and to cultivate their kindness to others in the process, is a testament to Mulgrave’s ethos – we want to make a difference in the lives of our young adults and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.Dr. Chiara Tabet, SS Principal


DP Programme of Studies