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Middle School Notes



Year End Letter from Melissa Moore

Dear Families,

When we started this school year, I was unsure of how it would transpire. Although we had some new restrictions to follow, Middle School was still its vibrant self. Students made new friends within their learning groups and connected with old friends online and at a distance outside of their learning groups. The adaptability, resilience, and support for one another is something to be acknowledged for all Middle School students and teachers alike. 

Middle School Fall Camps always kick off the year with an exciting energy. While we couldn’t go away overnight, students were so happy to be outside and participate in a variety of outdoor education activities. Between learning new skills, kayaking, hiking, canoeing, and biking, students were moving non-stop; they displayed their ability to be safe risk-takers and supportive peers during all of the experiences. The non-stop chatter upon return to campus at the end of the day was contiguous and put a smile on all of their teachers' faces. Fall Camp is an amazing way to start our school year and the thought makes me look forward to a fresh start next year!

Each grade in the Middle School has their own highlights that will serve as lifelong memories. Here are a few that stand out for me: 

  • Grade 7 students participated in their first Science Fair where they had to complete an original experiment and then present their findings in an organised manner. Each student did an outstanding job.

  • Grade 8 students were the Notables of the year. The Night of the Notables is a Middle School Grade 8 tradition and this year, students impressed everyone with their TEDtalk and photoshoot.  

  • Grade 9 students wrote their first set of timed assessments. Although there was a healthy level of stress, all students prepared for their exams and put forth their personal best. The Grade 9 group is focussed and supportive of each other and has led the Middle School this year with class. 

On a daily basis, our students demonstrate an inspiring dedication for learning, athletics, arts, and service. It reminds me of how being in the ‘Middle’ provides students and teachers the opportunity to learn new skills, apply the ones they already have, and be comfortable with learning from their failures. This truly sums up the Middle School years. 

It is a great privilege to support and share in these very special experiences this year. I feel very lucky to work with these amazing students and teachers in the Middle School everyday.  Although I know we are all looking forward to our summer adventures, I am already excited to see what next year will hold. In the meantime, here are a few important notes:

Closing Ceremony Videos
Here are the links for the grade level closing ceremonies:

Report Cards
Report Cards will be posted to SEQTA Learn and Engage on Monday, June 28th at 2:30pm. 

LEAP Elective Course Registration
In August, the LEAP guide will be sent out and sign-up for LEAP electives will happen in August. As always, LEAP electives are not allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis and we will make sure we provide enough communication as we lead up to sign-up; please be sure to read the Back to School Start-Up Package emails throughout the summer.

Class Allocations
Scheduling for next year is being finalised. Advisory groups for next year will remain in the single grade format and different mix of students and/or different advisors. As we hope the cohort mandate will ease for the coming year, we feel it is important for student growth that they have the opportunity to both make new, and maintain current, connections. The Advisor teacher will remain as the first point of contact for parents and will be posted in SEQTA at the beginning of the new school year. Students’ timetables will be available on the first day of school.

August Return Date
One final reminder, the first day back on campus for all returning G7-9 students is Tuesday, August 24th. For a full overview of next year’s dates, please refer to this calendar.

Have a great summer!

Kind regards,

Melissa Moore
Middle School Principal
Direct: 604-913-6045

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