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Language Pathways

Learning a second language is a requirement of the IB programmes and is key to developing authentic intercultural understanding. We are proud to offer a strong language programme that helps support our mission and vision to equip lifelong learners to thrive in a culturally diverse and interdependent world. Experts point to the importance of learning additional languages as a way of raising globally-minded children. Language learning enables students to form cross-cultural bonds by facilitating empathy and better communication. 

Many Mulgrave families speak languages other than English at home, and we encourage families to support their children in understanding their family's cultural heritage and developing their proficiency in their mother tongue, at every stage of their Mulgrave education. 

With all of this in mind, Mulgrave has designed a comprehensive language programme with specialist teachers in French, Mandarin, and Spanish, as well as a dedicated Mother Tongue Coordinator who works with students and families from PK-12. Click here for a graphical description and expand the titles below for more information.

Primary Language of Instruction

English is the primary language of instruction at Mulgrave. While applicants are not required to be fluent in English for admission to our Early Years program (PK3-K), evidence of a developmentally appropriate foundation in the child’s mother tongue is necessary. All students are expected to attain an age-appropriate level of fluency in English by the time they enter Junior School, in order to be able to fully access our programmes.