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Junior School Notes

Year-End Message from Karyn Mitchell

Dear Parents,

It’s amazing that the end of the school year has arrived so quickly. I want to thank you all for the support and patience shown over the entire year. Our community has been incredibly resilient and agile these last few months through our response to the COVID-19 pandemic; we had successes and some challenges, yet despite all, we continued to deliver the PYP/MYP curriculum and meet the educational and social emotional needs of our students. 

Special thanks goes to all the MVP class parents as well as all parent volunteers, who were in classrooms and outside of the classroom (library, cafeteria etc.), supporting our students wherever possible. Your presence and energy makes for a much stronger community, enabling us to achieve the school’s goals and ensure our students are our top priority.

I would like to thank our hard-working and caring faculty and staff who have made a huge difference to our students. Their commitment is outstanding and our students are the beneficiaries. Thank you for providing rich, engaging, and well-rounded experiences for our kids. In this most uncertain time in the world, we are truly grateful.

As evidenced through all of our online virtual year-end celebrations, each day at Mulgrave brings new experiences and opportunities to embrace learning. We hope you will share some of these moments with your extended families as our students are always so proud when they can demonstrate their learning to their loved ones.

I know everyone is anticipating the distribution of report cards; they will be available at 2:00pm on Monday, June 29, 2020 on SEQTA. If you have any problems retrieving the document, please contact your classroom teacher or Ms. Michelle Myring in the Junior School office before the end of day on Tuesday, June 30th. I encourage you to take the time to review the report with your child and celebrate their personal growth and success.

After report cards, the next most frequent question I get at this time of year is about class assignments. The class lists for next year will be available online starting on August 17th. More information about back to school activities and events will be distributed via email throughout the summer.

In closing, I want to congratulate all students of Mulgrave School! I wish you all a very happy, safe, and enjoyable summer. Please be sure to take time as family to talk, play, and READ together.

Thank you all for a wonderful school year and I look forward to seeing everyone in August.  


Karyn Mitchell
Junior School Principal

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