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Junior School

Setting the foundation for excellence

Mulgrave offers an education that can be found nowhere else in the world. Meticulous care for the individual and a deep passion for learning characterise all of our teachers, but in the Junior School, Grades 1-5, those elements are coupled with a focus on inquiry, collaboration and curiosity. Our aim is not only to develop a strong academic foundation, but also to tap into the natural interest children have in the world that surrounds them.

Our student-led, teacher-directed model encourages children to make connections with one another, with their physical environment, and with the knowledge and ideas that fill their minds. Through questioning and discussion, students are given many opportunities to construct their own meaning, explore many possibilities and develop an authentic context for learning.

In the Junior School, the warmth and positive energy with which our primary teachers infuse their classrooms is palpable. A peek through the widows shows students smiling and eager to engage in lessons and activities. It is clear that our students are happy to be here. Schedule an appointment to visit or attend one our Open House events so that you can experience the difference made by:

  • Caring, committed and skilled teachers offering individualised instruction and pastoral care.
  • Over 40 co-curriculars designed to enhance learning.
  • A resource-rich environment in state-of-the art academic, athletic, music and art facilities.
  • A community of inspired learners motivated by intellectual challenge and sharing knowledge.

Junior School Leadership

Karyn Mitchell, Principal

Shanaz Ramji-Motani, Vice Principal

Janet Hicks, PYP Coordinator & Vice Principal

Junior School Office
Michelle Myring
604.922.3223 ext. 4220


Our Junior School is a unique environment. It is an environment that fosters positive attitudes and foundation skills – key components of a quality IB education.Karyn Mitchell, Principal