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During spring break, March 24-27, I had the pleasure of representing Mulgrave at the IB Global Conference in Singapore. The global conference included thousands of IB teachers and administrators from around the world. It was exciting to network with international colleagues and find out what leading schools around the world are doing in relation to teaching key skills for success, how they cultivate internationalism in their students, and how they align approaches to teaching across different grade levels.

In addition to attending conference sessions, I co-presented with Jamie Scott from Evidence-based Education (EBE), a partner organization of Mulgrave. Through Mulgrave's Centre for Innovation (CFI), led by Mr. Jones, the school has partnered with EBE to design four action research projects under the common theme of feedback for learning. The action research projects complement Mulgrave's focus on providing live-time feedback to improve student learning, which has been trialed at grades 1 and 4, respectively, this year using the Seesaw platform. Live time assessment has been fully implemented this year across Grades 6-12 through SEQTA.

The Mulgrave CFI project groups are comprised of teams of 2-3 teachers, who are investigating evidence-based methods for determining the most effective means of providing feedback to students. This kind of action research is uncommon in K-12 schools, as research tends to be conducted by third party providers, or at the post-secondary level.

The session we presented at the global conference was well attended. Close to 200 IB teachers and administrators packed the room to learn about the innovative research being conducted by Mulgrave and its CFI. After detailing the nature of the action research projects and explaining the methodology project teams were following to collect evidence, there was a groundswell of interest from the audience. Many schools approached me after the presentation to learn more about Mulgrave's leading approach to action research. It was particularly noteworthy that head officials from the IB global office were present and have subsequently approached Mulgrave to learn more about its CFI and evidence-based approach to education. We are hopeful that, in partnership with the IB, Mulgrave can help initiate a network of research-based IB schools that shares evidence-based approaches to improving student learning.

Attending the conference was a valuable learning experience. It was also reaffirming to see the interest from other leading IB schools in the innovations that Mulgrave has piloted.Mulgrave looks forward to continuing to play a leading role in both the local and international community of IB schools.

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About the Author
Mr. MacIntyre

An educator with over twenty three years experience, Mr. MacIntyre developed a passion for teaching and education at UBC where, to-date, he has earned four degrees: Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education and Master of Education (Educational Administration and Leadership).

He arrived at Mulgrave in 2011 as Deputy Head of School after working six years as Director of the Junior School at Stratford Hall. When he is not enjoying a family game-night (Blokus is a favourite), reading a great book (Kissinger’s World Order is currently on his nightstand), or making the best of winter weather, Mr. MacIntyre can be found chasing eagles, birdies and albatrosses at beautiful golf courses across the North Shore.