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At Mulgrave, our vision for learning is informed by our school's aims and values and is encapsulated within our learning model. We truly want students’ learning at Mulgrave to be personalised and very special.

We want our students...

  • to enjoy and be passionate about learning throughout their school career and beyond.
  • to understand themselves and how they learn and be genuinely active and reflective in the learning process.
  • to be increasingly independent in their learning whilst being able to collaborate and be genuine co-constructors of knowledge and understanding.
  • to be confident, connected and informed digital citizens and self-directed, enquirers and risk takers.
  • to be creative and innovative in the way they work and think.
  • to be supported, challenged and cared for by their teachers and each other.

We want our students' learning to be experiential, relevant and authentic. All this so that they can achieve their personal best and, more importantly, take with them skills and qualities to live better lives as lifelong learners and, ultimately, to make a positive difference in the world as internationally minded citizens.

We believe in the principle of a ‘Growth Mindset’, which is the belief that intelligence is dynamic and that the brain changes based on experiences. This theory of growth mindset is supported by research into brain plasticity and has proven to be pivotal in helping students improve their academic achievement. By contrast, in a fixed mindset, the belief is that intelligence is fixed and static. You are smart, or you aren’t.

We recognise that learning happens through the holistic educational experience of our students through the IB academic programmes of the formal curriculum, through the enormous range of curriculum enrichment that happens through co-curricular and other programmes and through what our students experience at home and in other experiences outside school. We regard a Mulgrave education as an important part of their total education.