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At Mulgrave, we celebrate diversity - diversity of thought, background, experience, religion, and culture - in a way that benefits the entire Mulgrave community. A student body that is socio-economically diverse enables children to gain new perspectives and develop a creative, critical, and compassionate understanding of the world around them, creating the globally minded citizens that we wish our graduates to be.
In 2007, a group of dedicated parents worked to establish the Mulgrave Foundation. Governed by an Independent Board of Trustees, the Foundation's mandate is to grow Mulgrave's Endowment Fund in order to support children who have the talent and promise to thrive at Mulgrave regardless of their financial circumstance. Through the generosity of Mulgrave families, we hope to grow the endowment to $4m in order to provide both need-based scholarships and financial aid to families who fall on financial hardship.
Mulgrave's Foundation Board:
  • Tony Allard (Chair)
  • Bjorn Moller (Vice Chair)
  • Brenda Blue
  • Tom McIntyre
  • Michael Cythynbaum
  • David Lede