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Technology-Enhanced Learning

Technology Vision

Mulgrave offers students a stimulating, relevant, academic environment where technology is an accelerator of learning. Technology enhances inquiry, research, and creativity. It inspires critical thinking that connects to real-world problem solving and responsible action. Technology enables dynamic, individualised learning that is not bound by classroom walls, assisting our students to become their personal best in a rapidly changing, culturally diverse, and interdependent world.

Learning Technology

We aim to empower students to move beyond mere technology consumption into problem-solving, creation, and innovation. We know that technology can have a very positive impact on learning and achievement when it:

  • engages students in learning

  • supports higher cognitive activity

  • personalises their learning experience

  • extends learning beyond the classroom

Below is a snapshot of how technology enhances learning throughout the IB Continuum at Mulgrave. 


Computational Thinking


2020-21 Middle School DLC Bootcamp - Summary of Taught Skills

Digital Literacy

Digital Citizenship