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Outdoor Education

Our Vision

Mulgrave offers a vibrant Outdoor Education Programme that engages all K-12 students in experiences outside of the classroom. We value the opportunity for students to make links between outdoor education and their classroom learning experiences. For this reason, we offer activities throughout the year for students to engage in these “experiential” learning opportunities.

We believe that our students should have:

  • Opportunities to develop an individual connection with nature
  • Opportunities to develop an individual connection with their peers and with their teachers inside and outside of the classroom
  • Outdoor experiences that are authentically connected to the areas of Academics, Athletics, the Arts and Citizenship
  • Classroom learning experiences that are enhanced by direct curriculum links to “real life” outdoor experiences
  • The choice to further their involvement in Outdoor Education beyond grade-wide experiences
  • Outdoor skills that are taught in a sequential manner so that when they leave Mulgrave they have a well-rounded skill set that allows them to continue to pursue outdoor opportunities as part of their personal life

To read further about our Outdoor Education philosophy and why, as a school, we place value and importance on time spent in nature please read: The Pattern That Connects: Why We Value Outdoor Education at Mulgrave

Students at Mulgrave school, the best international school in Canada

The Squamish Outdoor Leadership and Education Centre (SOLE Centre) is a 45-minute drive from our West Vancouver campus and affords students the opportunity to develop outdoor education skills, focus on their wellbeing, and enjoy our natural surroundings. 


Student Testimonials

Initially, I did not have a very strong desire to go sleep in a tent when it was -6 degrees, but nonetheless, this camp proved to be astounding.

Overall, my experience during Grade 10 camp was one of my favourite parts of the year so far, and gave the opportunity to try some new things, (like maple syrup in snow), bond with friends, and experience something completely different from anything before! 

I learned more about helping, sharing, collaborating, caring, chatting, laughing, unity, positive attitudes, cooking and friendship between all of us, which are the most amazing lessons to learn.

Tell them that if they let go of everything, they will come out with more than they thought possible. Camp helped me make friends and open up to people I didn’t think I would ever talk to. Anyone can do that, you just have to be willing.