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OLD Outdoor Education

Vision Statement

Mulgrave offers a vibrant Outdoor Education Programme that engages all K-12 students in experiences outside of the classroom. We value the opportunity for students to make links between outdoor education and their classroom learning experiences. For this reason, we offer activities throughout the year for students to engage in these “experiential” learning opportunities.

We believe that our students should have:

  • Opportunities to develop an individual connection with nature
  • Opportunities to develop an individual connection with their peers and with their teachers inside and outside of the classroom
  • Outdoor experiences that are authentically connected to the areas of Academics, Athletics, the Arts and Citizenship
  • Classroom learning experiences that are enhanced by direct curriculum links to “real life” outdoor experiences
  • The choice to further their involvement in Outdoor Education beyond grade-wide experiences
  • Outdoor skills that are taught in a sequential manner so that when they leave Mulgrave they have a well-rounded skill set that allows them to continue to pursue outdoor opportunities as part of their personal life
outdoor education

The Pattern That Connects: Why We Value Outdoor Education at Mulgrave

Exploration is at the heart of Canadian heritage and British Columbia was founded by explorers and their continued desire for adventure. This tradition of exploration has persevered due to the vast wilderness that still remains in our province.

At Mulgrave we want to embrace and nurture this sense of adventure in all of our students through our holistic outdoor education programme. Our programme is designed to take students through a progression of physical and mental challenges that are authentic and age-appropriate, which enrich their learning and inspire them to develop new skills and qualities.

Junior School Outdoor Ed

Starting with an overnight 'camp' at the school in Grade 3, the Outdoor Ed Fall Camp Programme is designed to take students through a progression of physical and mental challenges that are authentic and age appropriate. The ability to face and overcome challenges helps build self-esteem.

Upper School Outdoor Ed

Part of the MYP programme, G7-10 camps challenge students to go beyond residential camping into tents and under tarp shelters. Each grade builds on the previous grades' experiences, allowing for a comprehensive outdoor education.

Outdoor Ed Blog

Follow the adventures of Mulgrave's Outdoor Education department by reading their blog. In it students and teachers share reflections, pictures and insights from their trips.

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