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Service learning is an important part of the Mulgrave experience. It builds broader connections, expands students’ horizons, and deepens the values of humility and empathy.

As a means to accomplish these goals, our Junior and Upper School students use the CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) programme which involves students in artistic pursuits, leadership, sports and community service work.

The goal of Mulgrave's CAS programme is to provide students with opportunities to contribute to, and draw upon, voluntary service experiences in school, our community and the world.

As students fulfill their CAS portfolio requirement they participate in service as leaders who actively build community by connecting with others and who strive to become compassionate, altruistic global citizens.

Global Citizenship Experiential Learning Programme (GEx) 

GEx challenges and inspires students to become engaged responsible global citizens who act to make the world a better place. GEx recognises the necessity of real-world experiences and connections beyond the classroom to develop compassionate, globally competent young leaders of tomorrow. This commitment to global citizenship is at the heart of the IBO and Mulgrave’s vision and values

GEx is a continuum of experiential learning and engagement from Grades 6-11. Students explore core global citizenship themes and skills through the pathways of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and design thinking via a mix of workshops and a 'week without walls' of community engagement with local and international partners.