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International Mindedness

Core to Mulgrave’s ethos is a desire for our students to become true global citizens; to acquire the personal and social intercultural competencies and dispositions that will allow them to thrive and be happy wherever in the world they find themselves. Students engage in learning opportunities, within the curriculum and beyond, that broaden their horizons and expose them to culture and language in other parts of Canada and globally.

Internationalism at Mulgrave is a frame of mind - an opportunity for our students to invest themselves in the role they want to play as members of our global society.

Global citizenship and the development of the accompanying skills is embedded throughout our curriculum. Additionally, Mulgrave offers opportunities for students to immerse themselves in this learning through language, foreign exchange programmes, service learning trips, and more. Learn more about each below.

A Variety of Experiences - At Home and Abroad

What are the intercultural skills that make a good global citizen? 

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cultural celebrations

Mulgrave International Gatherings

Mulgrave's sense of community and friendship is founded on empathy, commitment, inclusion, and humility. Our values are rooted in a global perspective and a commitment to social responsibility.

Through events like Norouz/Navroz and Lunar New Year celebrations, Global Lunches, as well as exhibits and performances focussed on art and music from around the world, our community comes together throughout the year to learn and celebrate together.

As a result, we strengthen our ties to each other and find opportunities to support our neighbours around the globe while equipping our students to thrive in a culturally diverse world.