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International Mindedness

At the centre of a Mulgrave education is a vision of the world as the broadest context for learning and supporting opportunities to explore it. Internationalism at our school is a frame of mind - an opportunity for our students to invest themselves in the role they want to play as members of our global society.

Education for global citizenship helps enable young people to develop the core intercultural competencies which allow them to actively engage with the world, locally and internationally and help to make it a more peaceful, just and sustainable place. Our understanding of our indigenous cultures, the many cultures represented in our community and other cultures around the world is central to the values and well-being of Canada and all nations.

Mulgrave offers opportunities for students to immerse themselves in other cultures through language, foreign exchange programmes, service learning trips, and more. Learn more about each below.

A Variety of Experiences - At Home and Abroad

Service Learning and Global Experiences

Our Global Experiential Learning Project (GEx), which at its core includes a ‘service learning week’, is an important part of our Middle School curriculum. This initiative enables students to expand their educational experiences, further develop their real-world skills, and engage in meaningful and impactful service learning experiences.

Participation in the GEx Project and ‘service learning week’ is a requirement for all G9 students. The guide linked here outlines the various local and global options available to them.

Grade 7 & 8 students have the option to travel to Thailand where they support the Maekok River Village Resort Community Project in Chiang Mai Province to help address the needs of poorly funded schools in need of assistance.

Our Grade 10-12 students also have the incredible opportunity to become involved with the Himalayan Health Project in Ladakh, India. This project involves helping teams of Ophthalmologists, Dentists, Cardiologists and GPs at a medical clinic set up on the beautiful grounds of Lamdon Buddhist School in the town of Leh, supporting villagers brought down from the remote high altitude villages in the surrounding Himalayan area. Read about the experience from the perspective on three students.

You can also watch this video with highlights from the trip and interviews with participants:

Students also explore the stunning geography of the area and are allowed access to the stunning monasteries that offer meditative workshops for students with Mahayana monks.

Through the GEx programmes and Ladakh experience, we are able to nurture and teach a range of intercultural, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, which will impact students for the rest of their lives. As well, pre- and post-experience project activities allow students to demonstrate initiative, take ownership and showcase their learning.


Experts point to the importance of learning a second language as a way of raising globally-minded children. Speaking more than one language enables students to form cross-cultural bonds by facilitating empathy and better communication.

With this in mind, Mulgrave has designed a comprehensive language programme with specialist teachers in French, Mandarin and Spanish.

In Mandarin language instruction, Mulgrave offers a dual-stream programme for both native and non-native speakers. Native Mandarin speakers work to become biliterate in their mother tongue with the goal of earning a bilingual IB diploma, an impressive accomplishment that is highly-regarded among university admissions officers.

Mandarin is offered to students starting in preschool. Students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 receive second language instruction in both French and Mandarin. In Grade 4, our students choose to focus on the development of one of those languages and work hard to develop their fluency. In Grade 10, students can choose to take an introductory course in Spanish.

Learning a second language is a requirement of the IB programmes and is key to developing authentic intercultural understanding. We are proud to offer a strong language programme that helps support our mission and vision to equip lifelong learners to thrive in a culturally diverse and interdependent world.


The opportunity to engage students in a range of travel experiences is a core component of a Mulgrave education. Starting in Grade 6, students have the option of joining a myriad of multi-national and cultural experiences, providing an enriched perspective in all four strands.

As part of their curriculum, Grade 6 students are taken on a trip through Eastern Canada where they explore places that directly connect with their unit of inquiry furthering their understanding of history and government.

Additionally, students have a variety of opportunities to participate in foreign exchange trips to countries such as France and China.

cultural celebrations

Mulgrave World Lunch

Mulgrave's sense of community and friendship is founded on empathy, commitment, inclusion and humility. Our values are rooted in a global perspective and a commitment to social responsibility.

Through events like Nowruz/Navroz and Lunar New Year celebrations, Global lunches, as well as exhibits and performances focussed on art and music from around the world, our community comes together throughout the year to learn and celebrate together.

As a result, we strengthen our ties to each other and find opportunities to support our neighbours around the globe while equipping our students to thrive in a culturally diverse world.