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Centre for Young Entrepreneurs and Changemakers

The Mulgrave Centre for Young Entrepreneurs and Changemakers (MCEC) is a structured programme, outside school hours, for students with an interest in starting or further developing businesses and social enterprises that will create positive change in our world.  

Why Entrepreneurship?

The entrepreneurial mindset is one of the most sought after skills in the job market these days, and in a future that we can't predict. Whether you’re in a traditional career, or want to start up a business of your own, thinking like an entrepreneur is a great way to get ahead and boost your career. Networking, building relationships, problem solving, grit, resilience, financial management, communication - talk to any industry leader you know, these are all highly desired attributes. These are skills we focus on developing in the MCEC. The entrepreneurial mindset will give them the skills to navigate through that world to build a life they thrive in.

Build Connections with Industry Leaders

Whether it's through the YELL (Young Entrepreneurship and Leadership Launchpad) elective course, networking events, or smaller coaching workshops, we believe the best learning comes directly from tangible experiences shared by industry leaders. We can connect you to an entrepreneur who can speak to their successes and failures so you can learn from them as well! Build long lasting relationships with mentors who you can lean on throughout different major decisions in your life!