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Upper School

At Mulgrave, athletes have a rich variety of sports to choose from. From volleyball, soccer, swimming and cross country in the fall, to basketball in the winter, followed by rugby, badminton, tennis and golf in the spring. 

Titans coaches support students as they strive for athletic excellence and personal best while emphasising character, commitment, communication, confidence and heart. We believe that participating on school teams enhances overall balance and academic success. 

Teams By Season


Core (League / Provincials)

  • Varsity Boys Soccer
  • Junior Varsity Boys Soccer
  • Grade 7 Boys Soccer
  • Varsity Girls Volleyball
  • Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball
  • Grade 8 Girls Volleyball
  • Grade 7 Girls Volleyball

Competitive (League / Provincials)

  • Upper School Swimming (Coed)
  • Upper School Cross Country (Coed)
  • Varsity Boys Volleyball

Club (Fun / Development)

  • Table Tennis (Coed)
  • Rock Climbing (Coed)
  • Fitness Training (Coed)


Core (League / Provincials)

  • Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Junior Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Grade 8 Boys Basketball
  • Grade 7 Boys Basketball
  • Varsity Girls Basketball
  • Junior Varsity Girls Basketball
  • Grade 8 Girls Basketball
  • Grade 7 Girls Basketball

Competitive (League / Provincials)

  • Grade 7 Swimming (Coed)

Club (Fun / Development)

  • Badminton (Coed)
  • Rock Climbing (Coed)
  • Table Tennis (Coed)


Core (League / Provincials)

  • Varsity Boys Rugby 7s
  • Junior Varsity Boys Rugby 7s
  • Grade 5/6/7 Boys Rugby
  • Varsity Badminton (Coed)
  • Junior Varsity Badminton (Coed)

Competitive (League / Provincials)

  • Upper School Tennis (Coed)
  • Upper School Golf (Coed)
  • Upper School Track & Field (Coed)
  • Grade 7 Girls Soccer

Club (Fun / Development)

  • Ultimate (Coed)
  • Rock Climbing (Coed)

Highlights from 2018 - 2019 include

2019 B.C. Cross Country Provincial Qualifier

2019 B.C. Track & Field Provincial Qualifier

2019 B.C. Swimming Provincial Qualifier

Five student athletes recognized as North Shore All-Stars for Soccer & Basketball

Varsity Boys Basketball 2019 ISAA Silver Medal

Junior Boys Basketball 2019 ISAA Bronze Medal

NSSSAA Cross Country 2019 Champions (AA)

Junior Boys Soccer 2019 ISAA Gold Medal (Tier II)

One student receiving an athletic scholarship to Simon Fraser University for Swimming


Seven teams qualifying for NSSSAA Playoffs