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Junior School

Mulgrave is a member of the Independent Schools Elementary Association (ISEA). Our Junior School Titans compete together with 13 other schools in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island. This provides students as young as Grade 3 opportunity to participate in exhibition games, tournaments, meets and playdays with ISEA schools at various venues. The Titans have traditionally enjoyed excellent support at these events from their parents. Below you will find the teams on offer throughout the year:

Term 1 (Fall)

  • G5 Girls Volleyball 
  • G5 Boys Soccer 
  • G3-5 Cross-Country
  • G1-4 Junior NBA 
  • G1-4 Soccer Academy
  • G1-4 Rugby Academy

Term 2 (Winter)

  • G5 Boys Basketball 
  • G5 Girls Basketball 
  • G3-5 Swimming
  • G1-4 Junior NBA 

Term 3 (Spring)

  • G5 Rugby
  • G4/5 Track & Field
  • G1-4 Junior NBA 
  • G1-4 Soccer Academy
  • G1-4 Rugby Academy

Great emphasis is placed on sportsmanship, leadership, character development, cooperation, and respect for others. Teams are inclusive and supportive and aim to develop a passion for sport while fostering skill development and decision making.