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Performing Arts

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Dramatic Productions

Every year, students from G3-12 have the opportunity to audition for co-curricular productions. At the Junior School level, G3-5 students participating in the Drama Club join G6 students as they put on a play as part of their IB curriculum.

At the Upper School level, students put on a three-evening performance run as part of the co-curricular offering.

Past productions include:

  • Blue Stockings
  • Unity 1918
  • Harvey
  • Concord Floral
  • Against Progress
  • Peter Pan
  • Slayer
  • Innocence Lost
  • Much Ado About Nothing
  • Cyberlife, the Musical
  • Laramie Project
  • The Miser
  • Little Women
  • Fame

Performing Arts is a required course for all Middle School students at Mulgrave. This course exposes students to a variety of performance techniques and encourages students to step outside of their comfort zones. The first term is dedicated to theatre, with each grade building on the skills learned in previous years. Grades 7 students explore mime, while Grade 8 and 9 students explore playbuilding and theatre conventions. The second and third terms feature our Global Arts Perspective unit. Each grade focuses on a different culture and its art practices. The unit includes singing and instrumental music, dance and some theatre. International guest experts are brought in to workshop and perform with the students. Informal performances occur throughout the year, culminating with our Artsapalooza performance held in the spring. The class meets once a week within the timetable.

Mulgrave also offers a variety of Performing Arts LEAP electives, including guitar, DJing, theatre tech, musical theatre, music combos, and string ensemble.

Click the image above to read more about our Blue Stockings Production.

Click the image above to read more about our Unity 1918 Production.