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Creative Arts

The Creative Arts at Mulgrave encompass Film, Design Thinking, and Visual Arts. Creative Arts strives to empower students through their ability to create, experience and explore.

We also encourage service in the arts. We build community by encouraging Upper School students to work with Early Years and Junior School students as they complete art projects and participate in art clubs. Arts students are also active in the community through initiatives such as the Harmony Arts Festival, the Silk Purse Gallery, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Students volunteer through the Mulgrave Arts Council, promoting and supporting the arts throughout the school, as well as art room assistants, who maintain the organisation of the art room. Parents have the opportunity to be involved with displaying and documenting artwork, and this has been a wonderful opportunity for those parents who have a special interest in the field to guide and mentor our young students.

Why do we offer Design?

At Mulgrave, G6-9 students take a mandatory course in Design.

Design aims to provide the means and the context to help students become skillful problem solvers, who can appreciate the role of technology in everyday life and society and who can respond critically and resourcefully to real-life challenges.

Students will investigate problems and use the Design Cycle as a tool to design, plan, create and evaluate their products/solutions.

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