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The Arts

The arts infuse Mulgrave: our corridors ring with the sounds of creative collaboration and are adorned with inspiring and thought-provoking displays! We pride ourselves on providing students with every opportunity in our world-class facilities and beyond. The visual arts department enjoys unrivalled inspirational views of Burrard Inlet in spacious rooms flooded with natural light. Film is housed in a purpose-built studio space with accompanying edit suites and collaborative working space, and the performing arts department enjoys a fantastic theatre as well as brand new practice rooms in a recent campus addition. 

In our academic lessons for the arts, students receive a carefully structured, comprehensive introduction to a huge range of styles, genres, and traditions from around the world and throughout history. This culminates in the Diploma Arts Exhibition, an inspirational showcase of the talent honed through two years of rigorous, disciplined training for our Senior School students. However, it is in our extra-curricular programme that all students can really take flight: bands and choirs abound, art fills every wall, student camera crews capture activity, and our plays give opportunities for performance at every level, both on stage and off. 

All students experience sense-based learning, exploring innovative approaches to communication, problem-solving, and creativity whilst refining their sense of themselves and their place in the world. Many students will go on to pursue their artistic development at universities and vocational colleges, however we also consider the holistic role of the arts in sustaining mental and social wellbeing in the long-term, for all students. Every child is encouraged to be bold, take risks, explore who they are, and who they are yet to become. 

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Art is not what you see, but what you help others to see.Edgar Degas