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Our youngest learners have regular opportunities with specialist teachers to explore a variety of arts disciplines to develop their creativity, problem solving, and confidence.

Visual Arts

All students experience many different ways to express themselves through visual art. This is an integral part of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), as it provides a way for students to communicate and explore the world around them. Art engagements are driven by units of inquiry and student experiences. In particular, students are invited to create art and to respond to it. Even the very youngest children in PYP are exposed to a wide range of techniques and ways of expressing themselves artistically. 


Singing and purposeful noise-making are fundamental to childhood expression and development. In our music classes, we use play-based learning to teach musical skills and reinforce routines and expectations in a way that focusses on fun as the first priority. Children sing a variety of songs and learn to play non-pitched percussion instruments. They move their bodies in different free and choreographed ways to develop their social, self-regulation, language, communication skills, and creativity within a space where their natural exuberance, appetite for all things silly, and sense of wonder are celebrated! Our Early Years students also have the opportunity to perform on stage to share their musical experiences.