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Early Years

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Welcome to Mulgrave's Early Years, where our focus is to encourage confident learners.

Our programme incorporates the transdisciplinary themes of the IB Primary Years Programme to foster the development of learners who are caring, communicative, inquiring, adventurous, balanced, thoughtful, principled, reflective, open minded, and knowledgeable.
The youngest members of our student community, our PK3, PK4, and Kindergarten students, engage in an inquiry-based, hands-on approach to learning and are encouraged to:
  • Actively explore their world
  • Discover new information
  • Develop language and critical thinking skills
  • Apply their ideas in meaningful ways
  • Encourage social and emotional development

Early Years families have many opportunities to engage in their children's education - from casual interactions with teachers at the beginning or end of the day to formal conference touchpoints through the year. Volunteer and social opportunities also abound, fostering an incredible community spirit amongst families.

Early Years At A Glance

Full-day programme throughout the school year
20 students per class in Kindergarten with two certified teachers
16 students per class in PK3 and PK4, with two Early Childhood Educators
Mandarin in PK3 and PK4, Mandarin or French in Kindergarten
Purpose-built spaces provide the best learning environments
Specialist faculty in PHE, music, languages, and library
Lunch included in PK3 and PK4, optional purchase in Kindergarten
Afternoon naps for PK3 students in a calm and quiet space

Admissions Information

The admissions process focuses on identifying a diverse range of students who will thrive in our programme as well as families who are well-aligned with Mulgrave's mission, vision, and values

Students must turn three years old in the calendar year they are eligible to start PK3, four years old for PK4, and five years old for Kindergarten

Students must be fully potty-trained to attend

For PK3 and PK4, students are not required to be fluent in English

Preschool teacher reading to students

Early Years Schedule

  • 8:30am-2:45pm
  • Tuesday Late Start: 9:15am
  • Friday Early Dismissal: 2:05pm
  • 8:15am-3:15pm
  • Tuesday Late Start: 9:15am
  • Friday Early Dismissal: 2:05pm

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