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No two of our Grads are cut from the same cloth (except, perhaps the two sets of twins!). They each have their own vision, priorities, and notion of what makes a post secondary choice right for them; what makes it a fit.

As we interviewed these students about their thoughts and processes for marking out their next phase in life, we discovered a few common threads that run amongst the Grad Class of 2019.

We invite you to explore the diverse collection of stories below. From their cutting-edge programme goals, to the bespoke approach of our University Counselling team, we know that our students have put a great deal of time, energy and consideration into creating a future that is tailor-made for them.

I asked myself a lot of questions to help me narrow down where I’d like to attend university. Where would I be happiest? Where could I thrive in a diverse environment? What schools offer flexibility in case I change my mind about my area of study? Those factors helped me weigh pros and cons of each school to make the choice that is my best fit.

Sormeh Motevalli

Inspired To Go International

True risk-takers at heart, these students will make their mark in far-flung locations around the globe. 

My University Counsellors opened my eyes to both a programme of study and the idea of going to the UK. In Grade 10 I had no idea what I wanted to do, and they encouraged me to think about the things in my life that inspire passion. 

 Meridy Meikle

Unexpected Decisions

Through their process, these Mulgravians found a fit not previously anticipated. 

"Think beyond reaching out to current students and alumni from your school. Connect with graduates from the university who are professionals in your chosen field. Look through the profile of professors for experts and interesting research happening at the university. They will all become part of your network."

Leah Verdone, Director of University Counselling

Made To Measure

Specialised programmes were the draw for these students at the university of their choice.

My long-term intention is to go into medicine, and I knew I wanted to stay in Canada for my first degree. That really narrowed my choices in terms of where to apply. I’ve decided to go to UBC (where I’ll join my brother) because their programme allows me flexibility in course selection.


Ingrid White

"It's easy to be swooned by an Ivy, but does it have the programme that best fits your long-term goals? Dig deeper into the rankings and evaluate the programme itself as well as the breadth of courses offered in your desired area of focus. Do you want to enter into a specialty or explore within a general field? This should all be factored as you think about fit."

Luke Lawson, Director of University Counselling

Fits Like A Glove

These students tried a few campuses on for size and just knew when they'd found the one that seemed made for them.

I decided to attend St. Francis Xavier University as I felt the smaller class size, interaction with professors, and close community made it the best fit for me. When I went during Spring Break, I received a very warm welcome. The dean personally approached me, knew my name and application info, and welcomed me to the school.

Bronwen Campbell

I’m going to the University of Toronto because I have lots of family in the area, and when I went to visit the campus I just loved it. I am studying Social Sciences because I'm really not sure what I would like to do in the future. With this programme, I can take a huge variety of different courses.

Andrew March

"Plan a visit to the campus. This will offer a great opportunity to get a feel for the culture of the school and its surroundings. Are you looking for a big campus? Is diversity important to you? Many universities offer virtual campus tours and robust 'Campus Life' sections on their websites that connect prospective students with students on campus." 

Joyce Tang, University Counsellor

A Tailored University Counselling Experience

The role of the University Counsellor is critical for many students. They offer personalised advice, guidance, and a listening ear when needed.

I’ve been working with my University Counsellor since Grade 10. She helped me shape my application and taught me how to ‘brand myself’. Even more importantly, she was my voice of reason. She challenged me to think about why I had an arbitrary attachment to some of the schools I applied to. 

Ethan Lippman